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Las nuevas generaciones de futuros literatos y científicos

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One day two kids named Michel and Alejandro  were playing with their dog his name was Pufer he ran into the forest Michel and Alejandro ran after the dog. They found a old house. Alejandro wanted to go in Michel didn’t want to go in he thought the house belonged to someone. Alejandro made Michel go in.

they looked around they stepped on the letter s then thy fell into a trap door. All the books were make believe. They found only one book that was open it was called bigfoot team’s up with yeti. Alejandro said I wish we were there instead of here.

Bigfoot is real!

Michel and Alejandro started to pixelate then with magic they were inside the book.they started to look around they found a note on the floor it said the only way to get out is to get evidence that bigfoot and yeti are real.

Where are we

They read in the book bigfoot’s favorite food is a sausage they always bring sausages with them.they took a stick and put a sausage on top. bigfoot smell the sausage.they took him to the himalayas.yeti hugged big foot and hit Puffer bigfoot and Michel and Alejandro pushed him of the edge and he was never to be seen again. the 2 boys found an apple it had small trees and small snowy mountains. the two boys walked to the graveyard they matched the apple with the view a book of their home came from the sky they were magically home. it was night time before Michel could take notes in his bed he fell asleep.

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